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Building lean muscle plays an important and significant role in the overall fitness and health program for any person. When your body has a higher percentage of muscle than it does fat it helps to keep your metabolism running faster thus causing it to be a fat burning machine.

Increased muscle density induces the metabolism to burn more calories each and every day. Moreover, building a more muscular frame leads to less storage of fats which results in better state of health. Now you know the benefits associated with increasing the muscle to fat ratio it’s time to learn how to achieve the desired results.

There are two important factors that must be taken into consideration for building lean muscle and these two factors are diet and exercise. This is no big revelation for most people as you have been hearing it your entire life, exercise more and eat less. However it is not always necessary to eat less you just have to make better choices and that is what I can help you with.

Without healthy eating habits your chances of attaining the body you want are slim to none because exercise alone is not going to cut it. It requires time and effort to develop a strong and healthy body but it is not as hard as most tend to believe, the hardest step with any new health and fitness program is getting started.

Building Lean Muscle With The Proper Nutrition

Energy is an important necessity for any health and fitness program for obvious reasons so it’s important that you watch your food intake closely. Hence cutting down calories will not help but act as an obstacle in the muscle building process. This is because if the calories are cut down drastically your body begins consuming the existing muscle as a source of energy to keep you going through the day. In addition to this, your metabolism will begin to slow down in efforts to preserve energy.

Building lean muscle may require you to cut down on your caloric intake or it is possible in many cases that you only need to change the type of calories and not the amount. Everything boils down to choice, you need to make the right food choices and not waste your daily caloric intake on junk food that inhibits the muscle building process.

Consistency is the key to building lean muscle, you need to be consistent with your healthy eating habits and you need to be consistent with your exercise routines. Your diet will need to be structured around a healthy intake of good proteins. Following that you will need to rely on carbohydrates for energy, again this must be a selection of good carbohydrates not sugar carbohydrates. You will obviously need to watch your fat intake, I did not say cut out the fat you just have to choose the good fat. The rest is pretty easy, you need a moderate intake of fruits, vegetables food that are high in fiber and plenty of whole grains. Those are the basics of a solid healthy diet that is certain to help kick start your new health and fitness program.

Building Lean Muscle With The Proper Exercise

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet you have to get up off the couch and move! You need to take action and it must be consistent, you cannot just exercise a day here and there you need to follow a well drawn out fitness program. Most people are under the misconception that building lean muscle requires you to do a lot of heavy weight lifting but in reality to build a nice toned body you will want to limit any heavy weight lifting and concentrate more on repetitions with lower weights.

To build a really toned body healthy body you will need to work with a lot of body weight exercises and not to much with the weight lifting. A well structured health and fitness program will require a good balance between strength training and aerobic exercises. The combination of aerobic activity and strength training will trigger your body into burning off the unnecessary fat leaving behind a nice muscular structure. The other thing you need to be aware of is working the same muscle groups to often, it is important that you structure your fitness program so that it targets every muscle group equally. A full body workout routine will deliver the toned body that you are working towards.

During weight training, it is recommended to avoid attempting too much in the beginning. A person must be aware of his or her limits while lifting weights. Doing very hard workouts in the beginning can cause injuries and you will end up right back on the coach where you started. It is better to begin with a 10 repetitions of each set of exercises for three to four times per week, steadily building up to 25-30 repetitions. Building lean muscle will absolutely give you that nice toned look as opposed to the bulky body builder look and a nice gradual progression will help you to achieve your fitness goals in no time.

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